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Month: January 2008

If a Tree Falls on Your Neighbor’s House at 4am, Does Liam Wake Up?

No. No, he doesn’t.

So Shannon and I both wake up last night around 2am to the sound of something slamming onto our roof, followed by a bunch of other things hitting our roof and rolling down the side. My mind immediately jumps to the small to medium branch that has been hanging in the tree above our house, the one that our home inspector told us last March to have removed as soon as we move in. It looked too small to really cause damage, I thought. I was planning to get around to it sooner or later, too.

When it hits your house at 2am it’s pretty scary. I mean, acorns falling on our roof are enough to wake us up sometimes. Oh, did I mention the power was out, too? Fortunately, Liam wasn’t bothered in the slightest. I put on my pants and grabbed a flashlight and went outside to make sure our roof was more whole and less hole. It looks like the branch hit flush with the roof, so there was no damage. The branch looks pretty puny on the ground, though:

So we go back to sleep, waking up at 3:30am when the power comes back on. Then, I’m preparing Liam’s bottle around 8am and I here a scraping noise from outside. I peek through the shades, and some lady is parked outside our house with her car running, lights on, walking around the outside looking under her car. I set the bottle down and step outside: “Is everything all right?” Turns out she ran over a cable that was hanging down in the street and it was lodged in her undercarriage. It looked like a phone line, one that goes from the main line to someones house. I thought it was my neighbors across the street, some renters who recently moved out. I was able to yank the cable out and I tied it off around their mailbox so that it wouldn’t be hanging in the middle of the street (I took a picture but you can’t really tell anything). The lady mentions that Hart’s Mill (a street around the corner) is blocked off and that traffic is being diverted through our neighborhood. As she says this, I turn around and see this:

Yeah, that would be my next door neighbor’s house. And my tree. From the middle of my backyard. Crap!

My neighbor wasn’t home, but I called her cell phone and we are working out the details. It looks like her roof is in decent enough shape, but everyone is fortunate that more damage wasn’t done. Miraculously our house was unscathed, despite multiple things falling on it or around it during the windy night last night. Click here to see the rest of the photos / evidence.

I am already researching certified Arborists.

The “More Liam” set has a few new pictures, too!

Liam’s 1 month doctor’s visit

Liam had his 1 month doctor’s visit today. The vitals:

  • Weight: 9lbs, 14oz (50th percentile)
  • Height: 22 3/4″ (95th percentile- this is a long baby)
  • Head size: 15″ or something? (75th percentile)

Liam has a new prescription for “baby Zantac”- although he had previously been diagnosed a “happy spitter”, lately he seems to have continuing digestive problems. He spits up a significant amount of formula, and at times he seems to have discomfort in his stomach / intestines (he will rip a big fart and then feel better). Shannon has acid reflux, which makes it far likelier that Liam will have issues, too. Something like 10% of babies are diagnosed with acid related issues these days. It should take at least a week to have an effect, and we may try a slightly different acid reducer if nothing changes within 2 weeks.

In the meantime, Liam has been feeling better the last couple of days after a few days of rough times. When he feels uncomfortable, he goes rigid and gets tall, sticking his legs out as far as they go, and as I mentioned before- he is a tall baby.

Sleeping and Hair Loss

So it looks like Liam’s hair is going to fall out. His dark black hair is beginning to recede, and he has a different hairline with a lighter brown, course, short hair. He plans to get an earring and a convertible to compensate.

 We also got to experience Liam’s first snow! He was thrilled, as you can tell. We spent about 2 minutes outside.

Although we do have the family bassinet, Liam hasn’t quite taken to sleeping on his own just yet. To make sharing our bed a little safer, we got him a little bed that fits snugly in between us. So instead of just me waking up and putting his pacifier back in, we both wake up! He only got poop on our comforter once, so I think we can say it’s been a smashing success.

Changing time is a blast. It typically happens right after a feeding, so we need a burp cloth to make sure he doesn’t spit up all over his outfit. We also need a burp cloth to protect us from his sneak attack pee (we tried pee-pee tee-pees, but they last about as long as a rookie cowboy on a bucking bronco). It takes about 30 seconds to get to this point:

Here is Liam watching the Giants take down Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. He can’t believe Eli Manning is going to be in the Super Bowl, either.

Watching Frontline

New Way To View Photos

So rather than force everybody to join Flickr, I will post links to the photo sets that have a built in guest pass. It’s a little easier.

Liam’s First 2 Weeks

More Liam

More Pictures

Head on over to my Flickr page to check out another 40 photos of Liam. If you can’t see the set that says “More Liam”, please email me. But first, a tasty sample:


Bonus Supercute Picture


Shoes courtesy of PJ

The Adventures of Master Liam

Liam is a good baby. He only cries when he is hungry or his diaper needs changing. The only real “problem” we’ve had is with feeding him, which is an ongoing saga. Shannon and I are both committed to breastfeeding, but Liam is slow to take on that one. We had one good feeding in the hospital, with the help of our favorite lactation consultant (ask us about that one). We were unable to have a good feeding by ourselves, and Liam still got very fussy while attempting to latch.

After coming home, we weren’t seeing much improvement. We would spend 20 minutes trying to get him to breastfeed, then we would give him formula by dropping it onto one of our fingers that was in his mouth. When we had a legendary 2 and half hour feeding, we knew we needed help. At the recommendation of another DeKalb Medical lactation consultant (they don’t do home visits and Shannon was still not ready to move), we called another lactation consultant (Anne Grider) to come to our home.

 Anne was very thorough and good at our job. She worked with us for a while before revealing her initial diagnosis: Liam was tongue-tied! He had a “Simple”, Type 2, case of being tongue-tied, which means that his frenulum (the little piece of membrane that connects the tongue to the base of the mouth) was too short and pulled on his tongue, making it very difficult, if not impossible, for Liam to breastfeed. At Anne’s recommendation, we had a frenectomy performed- a simple procedure where the frenulum is cut after being numbed. Liam was half asleep when Dr. Keith Jackson snipped his frenulum, and he didn’t even flinch! There was hardly any blood and Liam didn’t seem concerned.

Since then, Liam’s breastfeeding abilities have greatly improved as well as his bottle feeding. Shannon’s milk supply is still not enough to keep Liam full, so we are continuing to supplement with formula. Shannon is taking a nasty looking herbal supplement called More Milk Plus. Our feeding sessions are still time consuming, and will continue to be so until Liam is able to breastfeed for all his food or we make the hard decision to stop trying to breastfeed and go with the bottle. We’ve been through a lot and so has Liam, so hopefully Shannon’s milk will come in all the way and feedings will become a thing of ease.


I just uploaded all of the pictures we have taken with our camera in the past few weeks to Flickr. I know many of you are familiar with Shutterfly, but I recently discovered that Flickr has a way to order to prints as well (pretty much the same price). I prefer Flickr because the photo management tools are better and it’s much easier to organize and find the exact picture I want. If there is enough of an outcry I will consider putting our pictures on Shutterfly as well, but I ask you all to please try Flickr first. As with Shutterfly, you will have to create an account and be approved as “Family” or “Friend”, since we don’t want these pictures open to Joe Schmoe.

This is the link to the Flickr photoset of Liam’s First 2 Weeks.

Update: After following the link, you will need to sign up for a Yahoo! account if you don’t have one already- it will double as your Flickr account. Then, add me (e6matt) as a Flickr contact after clicking here. I’ll get an email letting me know you’ve done this, then I can mark you as a Family member. *Then* you should be able to go back and view the photos. Sorry for all the up front work, but it should be a one-time deal. Future photosets should be easy.

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