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Month: February 2008


Say Cheese!


Man, this kid loves being naked. He loves having his clothes changed in his crib and getting his diaper changed on the changing table. When summer comes around you better believe he will be running around in just a diaper.


The past 9 days or so have been a little rough on everybody, because Dad has been sick. So Dad wears a mask. Ugh. Liam got a little cold anyway, but a quick trip to the doctor on Sunday confirmed that he is fine, he just snorts and sounds like he can’t breathe. Things that Liam does not love: saline drops in his nose (or eyes), getting his nose suctioned, taking a cold bath because his parents were too busy taking pictures of him smiling to realize the water was getting cold and then peeing on himself after the bath.


That’s right: baby sunglasses! All the other babies we passed on our walk were jealous of the hot shades.


We are ready for St. Patrick’s day with this lovely outfit. It lasted about 4 hours before being soaked in spit-up.


Liam had a real Sideshow Bob thing going on with his hair, but he wasn’t too keen on getting his picture taken…


We calmed him down by cranking up his new mobile with sheep. It doesn’t put him to sleep, but that’s only because he’s not old enough to count. (Counting sheep, anyone?)

A visit from Matt’s grandparents was a lovely way to celebrate a Saturday, although any day you break out the argyle socks is a day of celebration.

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