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Month: March 2008

New Picture Gallery

The Flickr account has run out, and we are trying different ways to view the pictures. You can now see our full Liam gallery in this “SmugMug” gallery. It looks pretty good. We’ve got a 14 day trial, so I’ll try to put up a poll next week and people can vote on SmugMug vs. Flickr. I know you all download the pictures and upload them to Shutterfly anyways.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Shannon took Liam for a walk through the park yesterday, and stepped on a snake! How ironic (it’s ironic because St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland). She realized she wasn’t wearing green, so perhaps she deserved it.

Matt and Liam on St. Patrick's Day

Liam’s cousin Walker came by recently and the two of them hung out together. I think they might be a little too cool for school…

Liam and Walker Relaxing

Liam is really trying to stick his hand in his mouth these days, although he’s not any better at it. He also likes to grab his bib and shove it in his mouth, even though he already has a pacifier in his mouth. Here he is really going for it.

Liam in his Bouncer

And finally, Liam: The Happy Burrito.

The Happy Burrito

Liam is 2! (months)

Liam went in for his 2 month checkup on Friday, and he is super duper. He was about 2 feet tall (75th-90th├é┬ápercentile) and 12.5 lbs (75th percentile). His noggin circumference was also 75th percentile. He got 4 vaccinations (don’t call ‘em “shots”) and was very brave- he only wailed while they were actually stabbing him with needles, he calmed down quickly when they stopped. His doctor says Liam should be sleeping through the night by the next time we see him (in another 2 months), and we both nearly passed out.

In other Liam news, he is offically a grinning fool. Nothing makes him happier than being fed and changed, then mugging for his folks. He smiles with everybody that comes by, too. He has also started “talking”, although most of it is gibberish. The rest is complete hogwash.

In other news, Shannon and I bought each other our Christmas present (a new dishwasher), and the Flickr set has new pictures.

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