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Month: April 2008

New Pictures

An announcement is coming soon! In the meantime, have some new pictures in the SmugMug Gallery!

Ahhh, Precious Sleep

After many nights of horrible sleep with Liam in our room, we finally got up the gumption to move him into his crib on Monday night. It took him a while to get to sleep, but he finally did around 11pm. He woke up at 2:30am, cried in between bouts of being soothed until 4:30am (during which time Dad was awake and Mom was awakened a couple of times), then woke up again at 5:00am and was inconsolable. At 5:30am, Dad decided that Liam was hungry and prepared a bottle, which Mom (now awake) fed to him, while Dad grabbed an hour of sleep before work.

Yesterday, Mom did yeoman’s work in keeping Liam awake during the day. Last night we made the hard decision to try it again. He wailed from 9pm-9:50pm (he knew exactly what was happening), but then fell asleep… until 5:30am!!! Dad soothed him back to sleep and he was asleep / quiet until 7am!!! This is the most sleep we’ve had and the most exclamation points I’ve used since he was born!!!!!!

I can only assume tonight will be the worst night ever to make up for last night.

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