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Month: May 2008


So Liam’s officially only developmentally delayed by two days…YAY!

He finally rolled over last night to much fanfare by his mother (of course). He was playing in his activity gym and then he finally made it all the way over from his back to his stomach. He immediately grinned from ear to ear and laughed at me–until he remembered that he hates being on his stomach and realized that he didn’t know how to get back…I turned him back onto his back and he promptly turned himself over onto his stomach again and grinned at me.

So it begins…

Matt the Web Designer

For my 28th birthday, my sister and her band (Banjo Mando Bando?) wrote me a song, and then played it! It’s a rewrite of a folk song, which explains some of the lyric choices…

New Pictures

Check out the SmugMug gallery (there’s a link on the right) for updated pictures.

Announcement, finally…

So finally I’ve gotten around to posting about the announcement Matt mentioned in the last post. You’ll have to excuse the tardiness–I’ve got a 4.5 month old who is just learning how to nap!

Drum roll please…

As of August 1st I will become a stay-at-home mom!

There are many factors that played into this decision and I’m extremely grateful to have the ability to make this choice. Without going into too much detail it was simply the right choice for our family and I’m really looking forward to getting to watch Liam grow every step of the way! I’m also really looking forward to having more opportunities to see all the local folks since it’ll be much easier to find the time to do more than eat, sleep, and take care of Liam (hopefully!).

Since I’m well aware that the best part of this blog is the eye-candy we’ll try to get new pictures up in the gallery very soon and I’ll try to do my part to update more often especially after the end of July rolls around!

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