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If He Makes It To His 1st Birthday, I Consider That A Win

This morning Liam thought it would be fun to pull up on the door handle to the oven, slightly opening it.  Then–when that wasn’t thrilling enough–he decided that he’d like to see what happens when he tries to turn the stove knobs.  Then when I said No to him he sat down on the floor, bent over at the waist and put his face on the ground and cried.  I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t use the oven or the stove in the morning…

Just Wondering…

What is it, exactly, about Matt walking out the door that has a laxative effect on Liam?

Half-Marathon Training Update


Let me tell you, you do not want to run across one of these guys at mile 3 of an 8 mile run. The guy (copperhead) that I found I think was dead, although you couldn’t tell unless you poked him with a stick and then dragged him out of the road using that stick. For those of you that don’t know, Shannon and I are training for a half-marathon on Thanksgiving. As part of our training, we run a “long run” each weekend that has been steadily building in length. A half-marathon is 13.1 miles, which seems possible now that we have each run an 8-miler. I track my runs using a somewhat buggy website, but here is a link to the route I ran today. 


Today Liam climbed the stairs–and no, I don’t mean in my arms–he climbed the stairs of his own accord.  Matt and I were both standing there just sort of waiting to see what he would do and if we hadn’t been there he would have gone backwards off the stairs onto his head.  The problem is that the stairs to our family room don’t have a railing or balustrades on the side from which you enter the room so there’s no place to put a gate.  What should we do so that we can still enjoy our family room with Liam sans playpen?

I have to stop writing now because Liam is trying to eat the cord that goes from the telephone to the wall.  I guess you’ll need to use our cells if you need to contact us because I’m going to have to unplug that, too–at least our electricity bills will eventually go down as we gradually unplug everything in our house and put a child-safety stopper in the outlets…

He Still Won’t Drink From A Sippy Cup…

…but he actually ate several puffs (finger food) today after about a month of trying to get him to understand that food can come in forms outside of jars and bottles.  I’m not sure he’ll ever drink from a sippy cup, however.  He loves to drink water from my water bottles and cups and he’ll drink it from a sippy without the lid (with my help) but he seems to think that the handles on the sippy cup are there solely for throwing it across the room.  I just hope he gets there soon, because he’s drinking fewer and fewer bottles and he needs the hydration.  I guess I’ll wait to worry about it until after his 9 month appointment which is coming up very soon.

I Guess We’ll Keep Him…

At least I can add Tylenol and Baby Oragel to his list of likes for any future pleas…

9 Month Old, Free To A Good Home


Electrical sockets, cords of any kind, running his fingers along greased sliding glass door tracks (and licking said finger when finished), crawling through or over anything that might cause bodily harm, splashing bathwater with such force that it floods the bathroom, eating toilet paper, ripping magazines, laptops, dishwashers (inside only), refrigerators (also inside), scratching, and biting.


Lotion, having his diaper changed (unless he’s allowed to stick his hand in poo), putting on pajamas, the hours between 3:30 and 7, napping past 2pm, sleeping past 6am, highchairs, children’s toys, haircuts, riding in the carseat, and having his fingernails clipped.

Please send CVs to

Serious inquiries only.


Today, after two months of furiously gnawing on everything and drooling incessantly, one of Liam’s top front teeth has finally broken through!

I’ll post a picture when it’s big enough to really see when he smiles.


Here are a few of the latest pics:

Visiting with Pitts:





I love my Gran!


 I think I’ll kiss her…wait, biting her sounds like much more fun.


 You think a gate’s gonna get me down?


 Dennis the Menace lives…


…you’d better watch out, Mr. Wilson!



 Curious George, taking it like a champ…


 From happy kid…



…to raging bull!




 First trip to the Botanical Gardens:









In Case You Were Wondering Who Is At The Top Of The Heap In the Connolly Household…


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