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Month: February 2009 (page 1 of 2)

Why Do I Bother?

What’s the point in spending the money and energy preparing Liam food that is mostly organic when all he will eat is sharp cheddar cheese, which we can’t afford to buy in an organic version?

What Would You Do?

If your son discovered that apple chunks make fantastic tiddly winks?  I mean, besides laugh uncontrollably while trying to remain firm and say “No” at the same time…

Dear Matt,

Your reason for having children is finally beginning to come to fruition.  That’s right, I just convinced your son that helping Mommy do the laundry is fun!  Sure, his contribution of handing me the clothes to put in the washer and then turning it on by pushing the button seems minimal now, but just you wait: by year’s end I’ll have him building us that screened porch we want.  I know, I know, why aim low with the screened porch when we can get that master suite addition?  Well (and I’m not one for lowering expectations), I do want him to get to experience mastery before really delving in.  If we just let him learn some things on his own, he’ll be better for it, I promise.  I’ve gotta go — teaching him to change the oil in my car will take a little time and I want to be sure to get it in before lunch.



What Would You Do?

If you got a $700 water bill for an alleged usage of 74,200 gallons when your normal usage is somewhere around 4,000 gallons and the water people don’t open again until 8:30 tomorrow morning which is, of course, Friday?

ETA (since we’ve already received one phone call): Matt went outside and checked things out and found out that the meter reads what we would thought it should which means that the bill is just wrong.  Things aren’t resolved yet (obviously, since it’s only been a couple of hours since my first post) but it should be a lot simpler and more straightforward.  Theoretically.  Fingers crossed…

ETAA (preemptive to the phone call): Matt just got off the phone with the water people.  They’re going to come out and check the thing in the next 10 days.  We’re supposed to pay what we paid last month until they adjust the bill.  I don’t really trust the water people, but what else is there to do?  Fingers crossed (again).




Does the fact that several cashiers at our local Publix know Liam’s name mean that:

A) they’re just really good at customer service

B) Liam’s so cute that they can’t help but remember his name

C) we go in there entirely too often



So in case you hear anything odd in the skies over Atlanta today, it’s probably just the pigs flying in reaction to the fact that Liam voluntarily ate turkey yesterday, so don’t be alarmed.

List Of Things I Never Thought I’d Say: Entry #458

“Liam, please don’t milk your sippy cup.  It’s not an udder.”


We ran out of Netflixed West Wing DVDs last night (at a pivotal point, of course) because there isn’t any mail delivery on President’s Day.


Liam has a new favorite game.  He tries furiously to stick his hand in his soiled britches while I try frantically to keep his hand out of the soil, so to speak.  Liam thinks that this is hilarious and laughs loudly until I firmly say “No” and pin his arms.  At this point in our game Liam begins to scream and cry as if I were torturing him by, I don’t know, simply trying to get him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.  Liam plays a different version of this game with Matt wherein he goes for the gold and laughs heartily and Matt, although very frustrated, laughs with him in spite of the fact that he knows it’s the kiss of death.  Then Matt snaps back into Father Mode and firmly says “No” causing Liam to cry much like he does with me.  I dread changing the kid’s diapers even more than usual these days.  Whatever happened to tag, chase, and hide-and-go-seek?

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