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Gran, the Great and Terrible

For those of you not in the know, Gran had hip replacement surgery on Friday. She is doing very well, and Shannon and Liam went to visit her on Friday, although Gran was “sleeping” for portions of the visit. Today we all went and she was doing much better, and Liam enjoyed running around like a crazy person. He particularly enjoyed the curtain:

BLT (-L)

Today I was all psyched up for a bacon and tomato sandwich.  I actually found some hothouse tomatoes at the store that taste like tomatoes (I mean, nothing tastes like fresh summer tomatoes, but it’s February and I was jonesing for a BT sandwich, so there you go) and I cooked up an entire package of turkey bacon for the occasion.  My bread was all toasted and I was getting ready to cut my tomatoes when Liam asked for a piece of bacon.  I gave him one.  Apparently he liked the flavor because by the time I turned around again he had stuffed most of it in his mouth.

Anyone who has spent any time around Liam knows that his one major issue in life has always been (and unfortunately continues to be) eating.  He never latched properly when he was a baby.  He had trouble with choking even with the slowest of slow nipples.  We ended up taking him to a specialist and (an enormous amount of money later) found that he has trouble with sensitivity in his mouth, specifically his cheeks.  He gets ahead of himself when eating and he ends up with far too much food in his mouth.  We were basically told to work with him on recognizing that there is a lot of food in there since his cheeks don’t send that message to his brain on their own.  Things have largely been okay, but I don’t really see there being too much improvement until he’s old enough to realize on his own that there’s too much in his mouth.  It’s (part of) the reason he still wears a bib with a little pocket in it: sometimes he just realizes (far too late) that there’s too much food in his cheeks and his natural response is to spit it out and start again with a clean slate/fresh palate.

Lately this has taken a (disgusting) new turn.  I guess I should be grateful that although his cheeks aren’t sensitive in the way they should be, his gag reflex works just fine.  That’s what I keep trying to tell myself as he repeatedly puts too much in his mouth, chokes on whatever’s in there, and then proceeds to vomit up whatever he’s just eaten.  But you know what?  It’s really hard to enjoy a bacon and tomato sandwich when you’ve just finished cleaning up bacon vomit.

I guess it’s back to Lean Cuisines for me…

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

Knowing that posting this will expose the facts that I am A) a little OCD about reading directions, even when I know them by heart and B) eating entirely too much Lean Cuisine as of late, I forge onward.

Here’s the evidence (might I add, from two different boxes of what appears to be the *exact* same dish — all the ingredients are the same, the nutrition information is the same, the picture on the front of the box is the same, etc.):



Notice anything different about these two?

I think that either the people at Lean Cuisine are trying to make my entrees more fun by adding in a guessing game or the universe is trying to send me a sign that I shouldn’t be eating so many of the dang things!


Why is it that when *Matt* is the one traveling for work (and therefore waking up at 4:30), *Shannon* wakes up at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:15.  Why is it that *Matt* sleeps like a baby when *Matt* is the one without acid reflux and therefore can drink copious amounts of coffee if need be?

Does coffee ice cream have caffeine in it?

Someone’s In The Kitchen With Liam

Liam’s culinary assistant for the day was Gran.  There was sugar.  There was butter.  There were chocolate chips.  They both had a blast.  Here are some pictures:

Brown sugar:


Why do you taste so good?:



Liam helps open the box of butter:


Liam helps himself to a stick of butter:


Savoring the goodness?





Liam “helps” Gran by scooping out batter and putting it in a measuring cup:


Making sure they’re not poison:


Cracking the eggs:






More chips!




More stirring:






Leaning in for a little Gran love:


More Gran love:




Oh!  Brownie!


Whatchoo lookin’ at, Mama?



Here comes the son

Ah, we finally had a sunny weekend. Liam has literally been running around in circles, so priority #1 was getting his butt to the park as much as possible. The family kicked things off with a Saturday morning visit to Keswick. There weren’t too many kids, and there was plenty of swinging:

Saturday night we had Aunt G and Ean over dinner. After we had finished and were chatting around the table, Liam was playing at the refrigerator. Suddenly he comes running out yelling out something about a big ‘R’, so we went to the fridge and found this:


That is, in fact, a big ‘R’.

Sunday brought even better weather, so I went over to the airplane park with Liam. Our activities consisted of alternating between the swings and climbing the steps to go watch the planes take off. Liam is very good at identifying airplanes for everyone within earshot, as he will scream out “it’s a plane!” until I acknowledge that yes, he did just see another plane take off. The weather was apparently good for flying, too, as we we saw planes take off one right after the other, sometimes even two at the same time on different runways.

After the airplane park we swung by the house to grab the soccer ball (never again will I leave the house for any park without a soccer ball). We went back to Keswick and found the “practice fields” where we played one of our favorite games: kick the ball really high up in the air and then go get it. Liam used the opportunity to practice his skills:

All told, everyone was exhausted and we are relaxing with our back doors open and the crisp “winter” air circulating through the house.

New Rule?

I think that maybe Liam shouldn’t be allowed to eat Raisin Bran or Shredded Wheat until he’s wiping his own behind.  Just a thought.

Toddler Conversation

Liam:  Da!  [pause, waiting for answer]  Da!

Shannon:  Dad went to work half an hour ago, Liam.  Do you need something?

Liam:  Mama!

Shannon:  Yes?

Liam:  I needa practice my baseball!

Shannon:  You do?

Liam:  I needa practice my soccer!

Shannon:  Okay.  Your dad would love to practice those things with you when he gets home.  Just remember to ask him when he gets here, okay?

Liam:  I’m a STAR!

Shannon:  Undoubtedly.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Part Two)

The sequel is not nearly as exciting as the original installment, but we did celebrate Valentine’s Day this morning by giving Liam his first taste of M&Ms (big surprise: he LOVED them).  We broke them out after breakfast with the hope that the sugar high (and consequent crash) would happen well before his nap and in time for everything to reset itself during said nap.  It seems to have worked pretty well so far.  Here are a few pictures (although I was having technical difficulty so pardon the tints on some of these, I had to monkey with them a bit to make them usable, since the best ones were (of course) taken during the flash malfunction).  Here goes:

I asked for a smile and I got these in response:



Careful contemplation:


Valentine’s Poster Boy:




Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


It’s just beautiful outside, the kind of snow we never get:  good for snowballs and snowmen.  Matt came home around early afternoon and worked from home for the rest of the day so he and Liam were able to get outside for a bit before it got dark.  Liam had so much fun with the snowballs that he threw a fit when it was time to come inside, so I think that’s a pretty good barometer of how much he enjoyed it, and Matt might have had even more fun than Liam.  Here are some pictures:





“Whatcha doin’ Dad?”


“Oooh!  Lemme help!”





“Hmmm, that looks suspiciously like a tower to me…”


“Who, me?  I didn’t decapitate our snowman and you can’t prove otherwise!”



Big decisions:




Resuscitated snowman:



“More snowballs, Dad!”



You see that look in his eye?


The wind-up:


The (gleeful) follow-through:


And once more, for good measure:




“Chicken Little!”


Snug as a bug in a rug:


The end (for today).

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