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Week 33

This week has been epic.  Too many things to do and not enough time in which to do them apparently results in frequent painful contractions and many, many tears.  I’m still planning things as if I have the ability to push through the wall and continue to be productive.  I can’t.  Now when I hit the wall I bounce off and end up on my hiney in a puddle on the floor.  The good news is that we made it to Siesta Key (YAY!).  The bad news is that it took about 9.5 hours and resulted in massive amounts of swelling (which you’ll no doubt see in the pictures).  I just hope I can drink enough water to get myself back on track so that the swelling doesn’t continue.  I’m thinking that floating in a pool day after day will help.  I wish that floating in the pool with a Corona in my hand was an option, but they keep telling me about this FAS business…anyway, on with the pictures.

Week 33 in my pregnancy with Liam (It looks like I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve surpassed my former self when I compare these pictures.  I’d like to think that that’s related to 9.5 hours in the car with a pent up toddler, but I’m guessing that that’s not entirely true…):



Week 33 in this pregnancy with Baby Girl (I feel like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man and it shows.  September can’t get here fast enough…):



Sweet dreams, y’all.

State Bird, My Hiney

We are now (for the moment) critter free.

The guy came and eventually discovered a gathering (no nest to my knowledge) of brown thrashers in the crawl space under the house behind the fireplace.  They appeared to have come from the chimney (a long and detailed description is required to explain the exact situation, so I’m going to go with the mysterious angle on this one).  I also learned the following things:

1) The critter guy said he’d “never seen a chimney/fireplace set-up like that on a house.”  He said he’d seen plenty on apartments (old ones), but never on a house.  This isn’t a huge shocker given the do-it-yourself genius who lived here previously (and whose handiwork we’ll be correcting for years to come).

2) The fireplace isn’t unsafe, but we’ll need to get the thing sealed to prevent more critters from making their home in our home.  This needs to be done before I deliver because I can’t handle the thought of a rat infestation and a new baby.  Not.  Happening.

3) I don’t deal well with possible critter infestations while massively pregnant.  There were tears.  Big old crocodile tears.

4) I need a vacation.  Stat.

Needs And Gots

What I needed was to have a stress-free super-productive couple of days getting everything ready to leave.  What I needed was extra energy to help things move smoothly.  What I needed was a couple of hours this afternoon with my feet up while Liam naps in order to gear up for a long afternoon of work.

What I got was pee on a comforter and sheet set resulting in several unanticipated washloads before I could even begin the planned laundry.  What I got was sheer and utter exhaustion and too much stress resulting in nausea and painful contractions.  What I got was a dehumidifier that leaked all over the rug (performing the exact opposite of its intended purpose).  What I got is something ALIVE in my chimney potentially trying to scratch its way into my living room and infect me, my son, and my fetus with rabies while destroying our family room and attempting to make a permanent nest in our couch.

What Matt needed was a super-productive day at work.  What he got was a borderline hysterical phone call from his monstrously pregnant, furiously contracting wife.

The animal control guy is supposed to be here by 5.  Meanwhile I have a large cooler, a large wooden step-stool, two 25 pound weights and a leather club chair pressed up against the fireplace opening.

$170 and several hours from now what I’d better have is a rodent-free house.

Ring, Ring, WRONG.

The phone calls from the people offering home services of all sorts who are “already working in the neighborhood and want to offer a free estimate” on whatever they do are one thing.  The Robo Calls from every political candidate and their brothers (and sisters) are another.  The calls from nonprofit organizations with whom I’ve never had any contact and whose credentials are shady at best (yes, I check) are still another.  But I swear to you, if I get one more collect call request from someone I not only don’t know, but also can’t understand to save my life (always while I am putting Liam down for a nap, trying to help him go to the bathroom, feeding him lunch, or savoring the first few moments of getting to put my feet up after he goes down) I am going to scream.

There needs to be a “Do Not Call” list that applies to all categories.  Basically, I want my phone to screen any and all calls that do not come from someone I know.  Today would be an excellent day for this to take effect.

Week 32

I don’t understand how I still have 8 more weeks to go.  There’s nothing more to say.

Week 32 in my pregnancy with Liam (I’m SO jealous of the me that got to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants without sweating to death.):



Week 32 in this pregnancy with Baby Girl (I now wake up in the morning looking like I had a run-in with a syringe of collagen (or was punched in the face, whichever…), I can’t feel the left side of my left foot with any regularity, my fingers have made the transition from digit to sausage and my feet look like giant potatoes.  I can’t wait to meet this little girl and get to the business of reclaiming my body as my own.):



It ain’t over till it’s over.

Overheard At The Connolly Ranch

[Scene:  I’ve just finished going to the bathroom for the umpteenth time this morning and Liam is (as always) sitting on the floor of the bathroom as I finish my business.]

Liam:  Hey Mama?

Shannon:  Yes, Doodlebug?

Liam:  You don’t have a penis?

Shannon:  No, Doodlebug, I don’t.  Boys and men have penises but women and girls don’t.

Liam:  Oh.  We haf-ta go to da store and get some more penises?  More penises for Mama?

Shannon:  Well, that’s not exactly how it works…

Sweet Sounds

There’s not much sweeter than starting the morning listening to Liam serenade me with his rendition of “down by the riverside, down by the riverside, down by the riverside, study war no more.”

Brook Run

Today we took advantage of the fact that the heat index of below 100 coincided with a relatively open weekend for us and headed to Brook Run park.  Matt had never been with us before, and there’s lots of space for Liam to roam so there was something for everyone to explore.  Here are some pictures from the outing:

Enjoying the chimes:


Toddler jail:





Giant roller (and enormously bad idea):


Trying from a safer vantage point:


Everything’s more fun when Dad joins in:


Danger Mouse struggles to reach new heights:


Everything’s better with the help of Super Dad:


Setting high goals is important (but you might have to toil along the way):


Even difficult new goals are more fun when Dad joins in:


Frame 1:


Frame 2:


Frame 3:


Frame 4:


Final Frame (AKA: What happens when your child pays no attention to where he’s going and your pregnant reflexes aren’t quick enough to stop him in time…):


Liam does his impression of Marcel Marceau asking for a shoulder ride from his Dad:


Dad catches on (and obliges):


Up, up, and away!


Liam gets settled and begins immediately giving direction:


Dad takes a rest:


Father and Son Series (I find editing anything tiresome these days, so I’m just including all of these):








I’m still not sure what’s happening in this one, but I find it hilarious, so I decided to include it:



Liam uses Matt’s face as his own personal handle:


Liam goes exploring:


Matt gives chase:


Liam obliges:


And…they’re off!




Toddler zip line:


It was so nice to be outside with my boys and I hope that it happens again soon!

Week 31

This week has just been more of the same.  I truly don’t understand how I could get any bigger or more uncomfortable, although I am acutely aware that both of these things are bound to happen.  Here are the pictures.

Week 31 in my pregnancy with Liam (Again, someone needed desperately to alert me that horizontal stripes while this pregnant was just inviting people to whistle circus songs behind my back as I waddled through life.):



Week 31 in this pregnancy with Baby Girl (I never thought it would be possible for me to be as big as I was last time.  Apparently I was woefully mistaken and I’m in a race with my former pregnant self to see who can look the most deformed (I’m not sure if the winner is the most or least deformed — I’ll need time to work out the details).  I’m hoping that by the time I have to get into a bathing suit in a couple of weeks and some dresses for a wedding (for which I will be insanely under-dressed) I can still do so without being arrested for indecent exposure (or disturbing the peace as small children run shrieking from the sight of me).  I make no promises and I hope that no one kicks me out of the pool or the wedding for wearing a garbage bag, because by that time it could truly be my only option…):



I’m out (literally).


[Backstory:  My mom found the ultimate recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies recently (after being charged with the task by yours truly) and yesterday Liam and I headed to Decatur to do a test run after his nap.  What we didn’t realize was that the recipe makes 6 dozen cookies (or that we would have a strong desire to eat the entire 6 dozen).  Jump to today:  We had just arrived home from an afternoon walk and Matt was in the kitchen sneaking a few of these cookies while Liam was playing around the corner.  Matt got a small reprieve when Liam needed to go to the bathroom and I took him down the hall.  He came down the hall to help with the proceedings after he’d finished stuffing the last one in his mouth.  The following conversation is what came next.]

Liam:  (sitting on the potty peeing)

Shannon:  Great job, Liam!

Liam:  (opens up his arms for a hug and a kiss)

Shannon:  (gives Liam a big hug and a kiss — it should be noted that the only kind of kiss in which Liam is inclined to take part is one that is straight on the kisser)

Matt:  Did you pee on the potty?

Liam:  I peed on the potty!

Matt:  Great job, Buddy!

Liam:  (opens his arms for a hug and a kiss)

Matt:  (gives Liam a big hug and a kiss — right on the kisser)

Liam:  Chocolate?


I always thought that my mom was nuts for eating chocolate inside our pantry when we were little.  I can now clearly see myself doing the same as soon as I can fit in there again…

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