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Liam just dove headfirst into his rocking chair.  He cried for about 2 minutes, refused to let me put ice on it and is immensely enjoying (from what I can tell–he certainly looks like Linus) my injury-induced leniency with the well-established no-paci-or-woobie-until-bedtime rule.  He’s got a pretty good knot with what looks to be a slight fabric burn from the resulting slide down the side of the chair, but other than that he appears fine.  He’s faring much better than I am at the moment.  When researching what to do about a head bump I came across the following list from the AAP that apparently indicates a problem worthy of a hospital visit:

  • A constant headache that gets worse

  • Slurred speech or confusion

  • Dizziness that does not go away or happens repeatedly

  • Extreme irritability or other abnormal behavior

  • Vomiting more than 2 times

  • Stumbling or difficulty walking

  • Oozing blood or watery fluid from the nose or ears

  • Difficulty waking up

  • Unequal size of the pupils (the dark center part of the eyes)

  • Unusual paleness that lasts for more than an hour

  • Convulsions (seizures)

  • Difficulty recognizing familiar people

Now I ask you, how the heck am I supposed to be able to tell if he has a headache, if his slurred speech is the result of a head injury (and not the usual culprit–the fact that he’s a toddler), if he’s dizzy, if his extreme irritability is the result of a head injury (and not the fact that it’s 15 minutes until his bedtime), or if his stumbling or difficulty walking is the result of a head injury (instead, again, of the fact that he’s a toddler).

At least I read that although doctors routinely used to tell parents to keep children awake (even if it was their normal bedtime or naptime) they don’t do this anymore.  The new advice is to look in on him every two hours.  This should be fun.

I just love it when Matt has a softball game after work…


  1. Poor baby, poorer mama. I am convinced that generally parents hurt almost as badly as the child.

  2. I tweaked a hamstring playing softball but nobody wrote a blog post about it. Also, when / if we check in on him, what EXACTLY does that mean? When Liam is asleep he’s pretty much unconscious. Shannon swears she can tell that he is breathing, but my instinct is to punch him in the arm and ask him if he’s okay.

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