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So Liam’s officially only developmentally delayed by two days…YAY!

He finally rolled over last night to much fanfare by his mother (of course). He was playing in his activity gym and then he finally made it all the way over from his back to his stomach. He immediately grinned from ear to ear and laughed at me–until he remembered that he hates being on his stomach and realized that he didn’t know how to get back…I turned him back onto his back and he promptly turned himself over onto his stomach again and grinned at me.

So it begins…


  1. Liam is not developmentally delayed. He is doing it on his own time, which is perfect.

  2. He’s like a hologram: I look at him one way and he looks just like his mama and then if I turn my head or the light changes then I see his papa. Well done :)

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