[Backstory:  My mom found the ultimate recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies recently (after being charged with the task by yours truly) and yesterday Liam and I headed to Decatur to do a test run after his nap.  What we didn’t realize was that the recipe makes 6 dozen cookies (or that we would have a strong desire to eat the entire 6 dozen).  Jump to today:  We had just arrived home from an afternoon walk and Matt was in the kitchen sneaking a few of these cookies while Liam was playing around the corner.  Matt got a small reprieve when Liam needed to go to the bathroom and I took him down the hall.  He came down the hall to help with the proceedings after he’d finished stuffing the last one in his mouth.  The following conversation is what came next.]

Liam:  (sitting on the potty peeing)

Shannon:  Great job, Liam!

Liam:  (opens up his arms for a hug and a kiss)

Shannon:  (gives Liam a big hug and a kiss — it should be noted that the only kind of kiss in which Liam is inclined to take part is one that is straight on the kisser)

Matt:  Did you pee on the potty?

Liam:  I peed on the potty!

Matt:  Great job, Buddy!

Liam:  (opens his arms for a hug and a kiss)

Matt:  (gives Liam a big hug and a kiss — right on the kisser)

Liam:  Chocolate?


I always thought that my mom was nuts for eating chocolate inside our pantry when we were little.  I can now clearly see myself doing the same as soon as I can fit in there again…