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The Adventures of Matt, Shannon, Liam & Paige

Overheard At The Connolly Ranch

[Scene:  I’ve just finished going to the bathroom for the umpteenth time this morning and Liam is (as always) sitting on the floor of the bathroom as I finish my business.]

Liam:  Hey Mama?

Shannon:  Yes, Doodlebug?

Liam:  You don’t have a penis?

Shannon:  No, Doodlebug, I don’t.  Boys and men have penises but women and girls don’t.

Liam:  Oh.  We haf-ta go to da store and get some more penises?  More penises for Mama?

Shannon:  Well, that’s not exactly how it works…


  1. that should totally be the name of your autobiography; More Penises for Mama

  2. Or maybe “Too Many Penises For Mama” might be more appropos…

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