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Ring, Ring, WRONG.

The phone calls from the people offering home services of all sorts who are “already working in the neighborhood and want to offer a free estimate” on whatever they do are one thing.  The Robo Calls from every political candidate and their brothers (and sisters) are another.  The calls from nonprofit organizations with whom I’ve never had any contact and whose credentials are shady at best (yes, I check) are still another.  But I swear to you, if I get one more collect call request from someone I not only don’t know, but also can’t understand to save my life (always while I am putting Liam down for a nap, trying to help him go to the bathroom, feeding him lunch, or savoring the first few moments of getting to put my feet up after he goes down) I am going to scream.

There needs to be a “Do Not Call” list that applies to all categories.  Basically, I want my phone to screen any and all calls that do not come from someone I know.  Today would be an excellent day for this to take effect.


  1. We’ve been getting a lot lately, too. I screened two 866 numbers last night, and looked them up this morning – Leukemia Society annual fund raiser (you can opt out if you call them back). On a forum about the calls someone mentioned this device that you might be interested in:
    Not cheap, but may be worth it.

  2. We don’t have caller ID, so that’s part of the issue. I just don’t have the will or the energy to dash for the phone every time it rings only to have someone I don’t know and don’t want to talk to on the other end. If I weren’t paranoid that someone might actually need to reach me about something really important I’d just let the damn thing ring. Such is life.

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