What I needed was to have a stress-free super-productive couple of days getting everything ready to leave.  What I needed was extra energy to help things move smoothly.  What I needed was a couple of hours this afternoon with my feet up while Liam naps in order to gear up for a long afternoon of work.

What I got was pee on a comforter and sheet set resulting in several unanticipated washloads before I could even begin the planned laundry.  What I got was sheer and utter exhaustion and too much stress resulting in nausea and painful contractions.  What I got was a dehumidifier that leaked all over the rug (performing the exact opposite of its intended purpose).  What I got is something ALIVE in my chimney potentially trying to scratch its way into my living room and infect me, my son, and my fetus with rabies while destroying our family room and attempting to make a permanent nest in our couch.

What Matt needed was a super-productive day at work.  What he got was a borderline hysterical phone call from his monstrously pregnant, furiously contracting wife.

The animal control guy is supposed to be here by 5.  Meanwhile I have a large cooler, a large wooden step-stool, two 25 pound weights and a leather club chair pressed up against the fireplace opening.

$170 and several hours from now what I’d better have is a rodent-free house.