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You know what’s full of the awesome?

Being 37 weeks, 2 days pregnant and waking up at 6am in a pool of your own sweat to find out that a tree has fallen in the night and taken with it the power lines for the block (and subsequently the air-conditioning and fan that are necessary for your survival).  Also:  going to the initial parents’ meeting at your son’s preschool and finding out that not only are you the first family to provide snacks on the rotating schedule, but that this means that you are on the hook for the day before and the day after your due date.  Also:  finding out that one child has a peanut allergy (and not knowing how severe because this parent wasn’t able to be at the meeting) and another has both dairy and egg allergies (yes, even baked into things).

Being 37 weeks, 3 days pregnant and waking up at 5:15am because your husband has to drive to Davidson, NC for a 10am meeting.  Also: spending the entire day crossing your legs and pretending that those contractions aren’t really painful while trying to have a cheery disposition for your son’s introduction to preschool.

Being 37 weeks, 4 days pregnant and waking up at (what I assume will be) 6:45am because your husband has jury duty and needs to leave by 7:15 in order to get there on time.  Also: again spending the entire day with your legs (and fingers) crossed all the while knowing that the government doesn’t give two hoots about your husband missing the birth of your child and hoping against hope that he doesn’t get chosen to serve on a jury.

But you know what’s the most full of the awesome?

Being Matt while all this is going on.


  1. Did you guys do something to offend the gods?

  2. Matt–I hope you’re not trying to send me a message through blog commenting because if you are, I’m far too addled to understand what’s going on at this point…

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